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Current American Dollar Vs Indian Rs.(INR vs USD/ USD to INR) Currency Rate

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US Dollar (USD) is the currency of United States of America, currency symbol "$".One US Dollar is equal to 100 cents.
Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency of India, currency symbol "Rs". One Rs is equal to 100 paisa.
Below is the current currency exchange rates for USD vs INR or USD to INR.


           Historical price from 2008           Post Message           Monthly Average

Currency Current Price
USD vs. INR 60.4525

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Last one month Price for USD vs INR

The table below displays last one month exchange rates between the Indian Rupee (INR) and the American Dollar (USD) or Indian Rupees vs American Dollar or INRUSD or American Dollar vs Indian Rs or INR vs USD.

Messages for INR vs USD

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  MIR BACHA        9/21/2012 7:34:46 AM IST
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  Jagdish Rai        9/19/2012 1:24:21 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
Daily conversion rates (U.S.Dollar verses INR) from May 24 to 31, 2012. Please send to me. 

  MIR BACHA        9/18/2012 7:01:45 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
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  sriram yadav        9/20/2012 8:05:49 PM IST
Bhonsriwala MIR BACHA, Bhootani ke, Behanchod.. teri gand kyun fat rahi hai agar indian rs ka value badh raha hai to. ja ja.. apani behan ko bhej.. we indians wants to f**k your sisters. Teri behan ke Boor me laura thel ki boor me hi peshaab kar doonga. teri gand, teri mother ki gand aur teri behan ki gand me thook laga ke 1 ghante continue choda karoonga re m****chod. teri bahan bhi ek saath 10-10 se chudwaati hai aur tujhko to achchhi tarah pahchanta hoon bhonsariwale.. ga*du, ssaalaaa... apani maa aur apani bahan ko randi bana ke rakkha hua hai.  

  sriram yadav        9/23/2012 6:24:59 PM IST
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  ramalingam        9/15/2012 9:30:40 AM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
Please send USD rate everyday to my email 

  mayur parikh        9/14/2012 1:03:27 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
us$ rate should be between 48 to 50.
It is very healthy position of india 

  Angah        9/12/2012 10:57:43 AM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
I`m also having issue with the list.I tried punittg the list item just aftger the Brep Components.But it`s still not working. (for those who may also have this issue, this is what I did, and it worked for me on the newer version GH.)What I did was:-after Brep Components, I put the 3 items indexing 0,1, and 2 respectively.-then I put in the offset, the evaluate length and scale as per the tutorial.-after that, use the end point function to get all the endpoint from the scaled lines.-then, for each start point and end point: list length then use the subset (with series asnd domain) to divide the list of data into 0,1,2, 0, 1, 2 ..- then, I can use the item to seperate out the 0, 1, 2, list as per the tutorial.- after that, the rest follow as what is in the tutorial. hope this helps.G 

  MIR BACHA        9/10/2012 4:33:39 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
this is crap!!!!!!!!!!!! f#cking indian rupees going high again. I`d like to see when indians are going to down. They are already down anyway. Motherf#cker increasing their populations like b#tch. 

  Indian        9/17/2012 1:20:27 PM IST
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  sriram yadav        9/17/2012 7:11:33 PM IST
Bhonsriwala MIR BACHA, Bhootani ke, Behanchod.. teri gand kyun fat rahi hai agar indian rs ka value badh raha hai to. ja ja.. apani behan ko bhej.. we indians wants to f**k your sisters. Teri behan ke Boor me laura thel ki boor me hi peshaab kar doonga.  

  sriram yadav        9/27/2012 12:44:22 PM IST
tu pakistani hai kya? 

  Sunny        9/9/2012 10:07:28 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
Woah nelly, how about them aeppls! 

  Suraya        9/9/2012 7:57:31 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 
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  rst        9/9/2012 5:33:27 PM IST  |  Reply | Post New Message | 

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