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Current RUB to INR/ Exchange Rate,Currency Rate,Forex Price

Ruble or Rouble (RUB) is the currency of Russia, currency symbol “py6”. One Ruble is equal to 100 kopek.
Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency of India, currency symbol “Rs”. One Rs is equal to 100 paisa.

Below is the current currency exchange rates for RUB vs INR or RUB to INR.

CurrencyCurrent Price

RUB vs INR Price for 2008


The table below displays last one month exchange rates between the Indian Rupee (INR) and the Russian Ruble (RUB) or Indian Rupees vs Russian Ruble or INRRUB or Russian Ruble vs Indian Rs or INR vs RUB.

Currency Code Date Currency Price
RUB 12/31/2019 1.15207
RUB 12/30/2019 1.14893
RUB 12/27/2019 1.15128
RUB 12/26/2019 1.14436
RUB 12/25/2019 1.15179
RUB 12/24/2019 1.14992
RUB 12/23/2019 1.14527
RUB 12/20/2019 1.14184
RUB 12/19/2019 1.14213
RUB 12/18/2019 1.13289
RUB 12/17/2019 1.13849
RUB 12/16/2019 1.13497
RUB 12/13/2019 1.12493
RUB 12/12/2019 1.1315
RUB 12/11/2019 1.11671
RUB 12/10/2019 1.1145
RUB 12/9/2019 1.1141
RUB 12/6/2019 1.12157
RUB 12/5/2019 1.11691
RUB 12/4/2019 1.11668
RUB 12/3/2019 1.11642
RUB 12/2/2019 1.11513

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