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  • NSE Circuit Filter

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    NSE Circuit Filters or daily circuit filters sets the limit to fluctuations of stock prices. NSE Circuit Filters are set by stock exchanges to stop any unduly rising or falling of a stock price.

    They are numeric percent limits set on individual scripts. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) define circuit filters in 5 categories including 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% and no circuit filter.

    NSE Circuit Filters works in either ways. I.e. if circuit set for equity is 10%, stock price cannot move further +10% to lower then -10%.

    NSE Circuit Filter changes every day and stock keeps moving between one circuit filter categories to other based on previous day’s closing price. Below is the list of current circuit filters at NSE:

    SymbolSeriesSecurity Name
    AARVEEDENEQAarvee Denims & Exports Limited
    ADANIENTEQAdani Enterprises Limited
    ADVANIHOTRBEAdvani Hotels & Resorts (India) Limited
    AICHAMPBEAI Champdany Industries Limited
    AKSHOPTFBRBEAksh Optifibre Limited
    ALCHEMEQAlchemist Ltd
    ALPHAGEOEQAlphageo (India) Limited
    ANTGRAPHICBEAntarctica Ltd
    ASSAMCOBEAssam Company Limited
    ATNINTERBEATN International Limited
    AXIS-IT&TBEAxis-IT&T Limited
    BAGFILMSEQB.A.G Films and Media Limited
    BARTRONICSEQBartronics India Limited
    BBTCEQBombay Burmah Trading Corp. Ltd
    BEPLEQBhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd
    BFUTILITIEEQBF Utilities Limited
    BHARATRASEQBharat Rasayan Ltd
    BILEQBhartiya International Limited
    BLUECHIPEQBlue Chip India Ltd
    BLUECOASTEQBlue Coast Hotels and Resorts Limited
    BOBELSS97BTBOB Mutual Fund-ELSS 97
    BPLBEBPL Limited
    BPLENGGBEBPL Engineering Ltd
    BVXLBEBirla VXL Limited
    CAROLINFOEQCarol Info Services Limited
    CINEVISTAEQCinevistaas Limited
    CREATIVEYEBECreative Eye Ltd.
    DCMFINSERVBEDCM Financial Services Limited
    DHANBANKBEThe Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.
    DSKULKARNIEQDS Kulkarni Developers Ltd.
    DUNCANSINDBEDuncans Industries Ltd
    DYNACONSBEDynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd.
    EIMCOELECOEQEimco Elecon (India) Ltd.
    ENNOREFOEQEnnore Foundries Limited
    ENTEGRAEQEntegra Limited
    ETCNETBEETC Networks Limited
    EVINIXEQEvinix Accessories Limited
    GENESYSEQGenesys International Corporation Limited
    GENUSOVEREEQGenus Overseas Electronics Limited
    GLFLBEGujarat Lease Financing Ltd
    GMDCLTDEQGujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited
    GODREJINDEQGodrej Industries Ltd.
    GOLDTECHEQGoldstone Technologies Ltd.
    GOLDTELEEQGoldstone Teleservices Ltd.
    GPELECTBEGP Electronics Ltd.
    GTCINDEQGTC Industries Ltd
    GUFICBIOBEGufic Biosciences Limited
    GUJSTATFINBTGujarat State Financial Corporation
    HBSTOCKEQHB Stockholdings Limited
    HIMACHLFUTEQHimachal Futuristic Communication Ltd
    HINDDORROLEQHindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd
    HOTELRUGBYBEHotel Rugby Ltd.
    HOVSBEHOV Services Limited
    IFBAGROEQIFB Agro Industries Ltd
    IFBINDBEIFB Industries Ltd.
    IMPEXFERROEQImpex Ferro Tech Limited
    INDIAFOILSEQIndia Foils Ltd
    INDIAGLYCOEQIndia Glycols Ltd
    INDIANHUMEEQIndian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd
    IVCEQIL&FS Investment Managers Limited
    JAIBALAJIEQJai Balaji Industries Limited
    JAICORPLTDBEJai Corp Limited
    JAINSTUDIOEQJain Studios Limited
    JAYAGROGNEQJayant Agro Organics Ltd.
    JAYPEEHOTBEJaypee Hotels Ltd
    JDORGOBEJD Orgochem Limited
    JENSONICOLBEJenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd
    JIKBEJIK Industries Limited
    JINDALPOLYBEJindal Poly Films Limited
    KEIEQKEI Industries Limited
    KERNEXBEKernex Microsystems (India) Limited
    KEYCORPSEREQKeynote Corp. Serv. Ltd.
    KHAITANLTDBEKhaitan (India) Ltd.
    KINETICMOTBEKinetic Motor Company Limited
    KNLEQKaruturi Networks Limited
    KOPDRUGSBEKDL Biotech Limited
    KOTHARIPETBEKothari Petrochemicals Ltd
    KOTHARIPROEQKothari Products Ltd.
    KRISHNAENGBEKrishna Engineering Works Ltd
    KSERAPROEQK Sera Sera Productions Limited
    LCCINFOTECBELCC Infotech Limited
    LLOYDFINBELloyds Finance Ltd.
    LLOYDSTEELEQLloyds Steel Industries Ltd.
    LOGIXMICROEQLogix Microsystems Limited
    LYKALABSBELyka Labs Ltd
    MAARSOFTWBEMaars Software International Ltd.
    MADRASFERTBEMadras Fertilizers Ltd
    MALUPAPEREQMalu Paper Mills Limited
    MANGTIMBEREQMangalam Timber Products Ltd
    MARKSANSBEMarksans Pharma Limited
    MBECLEQMcnally Bharat Engineering Company Limited
    MELSTARBEMelstar Information Technologies Ltd.
    MOTOGENFINEQThe Motor & General Finance Ltd
    MSKPROJBEMSK Projects (India) Limited
    MSPLEQMSP Steel & Power Limited
    NAGPURENGEQJayaswals Neco Ltd
    NEOCURTHERBENeocure Therapeutics Ltd
    NISSANBENissan Copper Limited
    NORTHGATEEQNorthgate Technologies Limited
    NOVAPETROBENova Petrochemicals Limited
    NSILEQNalwa Sons Investments Limited
    NUCENTEQNucent Finance Limited
    NUCHEMBENuchem Ltd
    OILCOUNTUBBEOil Country Tubular Ltd
    PAREKHPLATBEParekh Platinum Ltd
    PAVCIEQPanasonic AVC Networks India Co. Limited.
    PEACOCKINDBEPeacock Industries Ltd
    PEPLBEPearl Engineering Polymers Limited
    PNCEQPritish Nandy Communications Ltd.
    POLARINDBEPolar Industries Ltd
    PRAKASHEQPrakash Industries Ltd
    PREMIEREQPremier Limited
    QUINTEGRAEQQuintegra Solutions Limited
    RADAANEQRadaan Mediaworks India Limited
    RAIREKMOHEQRaisaheb Reckhchand Mohota Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd
    RAJTVEQRaj Television Network Limited
    REIAGROEQRei Agro Limited
    REMSONSINDBERemsons Industries Ltd
    RIILEQReliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited
    RKFORGEBERamkrishna Forgings Limited
    RUBYMILLSEQThe Ruby Mills Ltd
    RUCHIRABERuchira Papers Limited
    SAMBHAAVEQSambhaav Media Limited
    SAMTELBESamtel Color Ltd.
    SANWARIAEQSanwaria Agro Oils Limited
    SAREGAMABESaregama India Limited
    SBBJBTState Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
    SBTBTState Bank of Travancore
    SGFLBEShree Ganesh Forgings Limited
    SHREERAMABEShree Rama Multi-Tech Limited
    SHREYANINDEQShreyans Industries Ltd
    SIGROUPINDBESI Group - India Limited
    SILBEStandard Industries Limited
    SIMBHSUGARBESimbhaoli Sugars Limited
    SMZSCHEMBESMZS Chemicals Ltd.
    SOFTPROBESoftpro Systems Limited
    SOFTTECHGRBESoftware Technology Group International Limited
    SPICBESouthern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Ltd.
    SPSLEQShree Precoated Steels Limited
    SRGINFOTECBESRG Infotec (India) Ltd.
    SRHHLINDSTBESRHHL Industries Limited
    STCINDIAEQThe State Trading Corporation of India Limited
    STEELTUBESBESteel Tubes of India Limited
    TANLAEQTanla Solutions Limited
    TCIFINANCEBETCI Finance Limited
    TFCILTDEQTourism Finance Corpn of India Ltd
    TIDEWATERBETide Water Oil Co. (India) Limited
    TNPETROBETamilnadu PetroProducts Ltd.
    TNTELEBETamilnadu Telecommunication Ltd
    TODAYSEQTodays Writing Products Limited
    UMITLBEUsha Martin Infotech Limited
    UNIENTERBEUniphos Enterprises Limited
    VAKRANSOFTEQVakrangee Softwares Limited
    VINTAGEBEVintage Cards & Creations Limited
    VISHALEXPOBEVishal Exports Overseas Limited
    WALCHANNAGEQWalchandnagar Industries Ltd
    WEIZMANINDBEWeizmann Ltd
    WINDSORBEWindsor Machines Limited
    WSIBEW S Industries (I) Ltd
    XLTLEQXL Telecom Limited
    ZANDUPHARMEQZandu Pharmaceutical works Ltd.
    ZENITHEXPOEQZenith Exports Ltd.

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