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Information Technology Sector - Indian Market 2020

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Information Technology (IT) industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries.IT industry in India comprises of software industry and information technology enabled services (ITES), which also includes business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. India is considered as a pioneer in software development and a favorite destination for IT-enabled services.

List of companies in Information Technology Sector

CompanyLTPPrev Close% Change
3i Infotech Ltd1.661.650.61
Abee Info Consumables Ltd0.0010.00
ABM Knowledgeware Ltd43.7543.31.04
Accel Transmatic Ltd3.993.814.72
ACE Software Exports Ltd13.9713.314.96
Acropetal Technologies Limited1.681.65.00
Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd9.559.253.24
Advent Computer Services Ltd1.311.310.00
Aftek Ltd5.405.44-0.55
AGS Infotech Ltd0.0010.00
Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd0.490.490.00
Allied Digital Services Ltd15.1213.759.96
Aptech Ltd101.8598.13.41
Avance Technologies Ltd0.190.190.00
Avantel Softech Ltd219.95201.97.65
AXIS IT&T Ltd31.50305.00
Aztecsoft Ltd0.0010.00
Baron Infotech Ltd0.210.210.00
Bharatiya Global Infomedia ltd1.431.374.38
Bits Ltd0.200.20.00
Blue Star Infotech Ltd290.102861.54
Brels Infotech Ltd0.190.190.00
California Software Company Ltd8.077.951.51
Cambridge Solutions Ltd42.0041.451.33
CCS Infotech Ltd0.0010.00
Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd31.9532.25-1.24
CG Vak Software & Exports Ltd29.5029.65-0.34
Chakkilam Infotech Ltd102.0099.352.77
CMC Ltd1,952.001970.3-0.92
Comp U Learn Tech India Ltd0.630.66-4.55
Compuage Infocom Ltd9.309.12.20
Compucom Software Ltd8.738.324.93
Computech International Ltd0.0010.00
Computer Point Ltd0.370.370.00
Contech Software Ltd1.101.15-4.35
Coral Hub Ltd0.0010.00
CORE Education & Technologies Limited1.861.95-4.62
Cranes Software International Ltd0.590.581.72
CSS Technergy Ltd0.0010.00
Cura Technologies Limited2.162.064.85
Cyber Tech Systems & Software Ltd36.0534.44.80
Cybermate Infotek Ltd1.181.116.31
Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd2.903.05-4.92
D-Link India Ltd79.7579.750.00
Danlaw Technologies India Ltd48.0046.75-1.07
Datamatics Global Services Ltd49.8047.454.95
Datanet Systems Ltd14.8714.87-0.47
Dhanus Technologies Ltd0.0010.00
Dynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd17.0016.254.62
e.Star Infotech Ltd0.0010.00
eClerx Services Ltd405.70397.052.18
Edserv Softsystems Ltd0.0010.00
Educomp Solutions Ltd4.974.744.85
Encore Software Ltd7.507.50.00
eonour Technologies Ltd0.0010.00
Everonn Systems India Ltd18.4518.75-1.60
Excel Infoways Ltd1.031.04-0.96
EZ-Comm Trade Technologies Ltd1.521.59-4.40
Firstsource Solutions Ltd33.3031.455.88
Fourth Generation Information Systems Ltd3.673.54.86
Frontier Information Technologies Ltd16.4516.131.98
Gemini Communication Ltd0.190.190.00
Genesys International Corporation Ltd27.5027.11.48
Geodesic Ltd0.0010.00
Geometric Ltd236.95240-1.15
GI Engineering Solutions Ltd1.952.05-4.88
Glodyne Technoserve Ltd2.722.691.12
GSS Infotech Ltd21.3520.653.15
Gujarat Cotex Ltd1.731.730.00
HCL Infosystems Ltd6.035.84.48
HCL Technologies Ltd557.40550.41.63
Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd57.5058.2-1.72
Hexaware Technologies Ltd269.50253.46.35
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd578.10577.9-0.60
Hinduja Ventures Ltd331.40324.12.25
Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd0.190.190.00
IKF Technologies Ltd0.270.28-3.57
In House Productions Ltd0.0010.00
Indian Infotech & Software Ltd0.190.190.00
Indus Networks Ltd0.0010.00
Infinite Computer Solutions India Ltd473.75472.20.33
Info Drive Software Ltd0.100.10.00
Info Edge India Ltd2,690.002691.45-0.23
Infoquest Software Exports Ltd0.0010.00
Infosys Technologies Ltd699.50691.351.18
Infotech Enterprises Ltd202.60199.11.53
Infotrek Syscom Ltd29.00283.57
Innovation Software Exports Ltd1.071.070.00
Integrated Hitech Ltd4.574.81-4.99
International Data Management Ltd5.805.9-1.69
IOL Netcom Ltd0.0010.00
IQMS Software Ltd1.631.564.49
IT People India Ltd0.200.20.00
Jetking Infotrain Ltd25.20244.38
Kale Consultants Ltd933.15922.751.23
KLG Systel Ltd0.0010.00
Kpit Cummins Infosystems Ltd77.0074.153.84
Lanco Global Systems Ltd7.276.934.91
Libord Infotech Ltd3.904-2.50
Logix Microsystems Ltd14.7514.571.24
Maars Software International Ltd0.0010.00
Mangalya Soft Tech Ltd0.580.563.57
Mastek Ltd291.60265.110.00
Master Multi-Tech Ltd0.780.754.00
Megasoft Ltd5.945.82.41
Melstar Information Technologies Ltd2.862.87-0.35
Micro Technologies India Ltd0.0010.00
Midpoint Software & Electro Systems Ltd4.494.353.22
Mindteck India Ltd20.7021.75-4.83
MindTree Ltd891.90894-0.31
Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd11.0310.514.95
Moser Baer India Ltd1.051.1-4.55
Mphasis Ltd858.90860.6-0.41
MRO TEK Ltd18.5019.3-4.15
Net 4 India Ltd0.9515.00
NIIT Ltd92.8589.23.76
NIIT Technologies Ltd1,453.901451.15-0.03
Northgate Technologies Ltd0.240.234.35
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd241.00241.2-0.54
Odyssey Technologies Ltd18.5518.7-0.80
Omega Interactive Technologies Ltd0.0010.00
Omni AXs Software Ltd1.871.83.89
Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd1.071.024.90
Online Media Solutions Ltd0.730.730.00
Ontrack Systems Ltd0.0010.00
Onward Technologies Ltd41.4037.410.70
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd2,608.052512.91.64
ORG Informatics Ltd0.0010.00
Orient Information Technology Ltd3.821382.00
Patni Computer Systems Ltd0.0010.00
Pentamedia Graphics Ltd0.310.33.33
Pentasoft Technologies Ltd0.89189.00
Polaris Software Lab Ltd474.10474.75-0.13
Quintegra Solutions Ltd0.950.95.56
Ram Informatics Ltd11.0011.3-2.65
Ramco Systems Ltd74.4575.2-1.00
Ranklin Solutions Ltd1.701.70.00
Redington India Ltd93.9586.78.36
Religare Technologies Ltd6.646.640.00
Rolta India Ltd4.133.944.31
RS Software India Ltd13.1012.554.38
S Kumars.Com Ltd0.910.910.00
Sankhya Infotech Ltd3.583.444.07
Sanra Software Ltd0.0010.00
Satyam Computer Services Ltd0.0010.00
Saven Technologies Ltd11.5511.87-2.70
Shyam Software Industries Ltd0.700.71-1.41
Silverline Animation Technologies Ltd0.0010.00
Silverline Technologies Ltd2.191219.00
SJ Corporation Ltd11.4011.40.00
Softsol India Ltd33.0031.753.94
Software Technology Group International Ltd1.051.050.00
Sonata Software Ltd204.50203.70.39
Spanco Ltd0.0010.00
SPEL Semiconductor Ltd3.844.04-4.95
Sterling International Enterprises Ltd0.420.45.00
Subex Ltd7.487.371.49
Tanla Solutions Ltd68.7068.450.22
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd2,044.651971.553.71
Tata Elxsi Ltd778.65764.551.84
Tech Mahindra Ltd543.00530.42.38
Teledata Informatics Ltd0.0010.00
Telesys Software Ltd0.0010.00
Total Exports Ltd1.421.420.00
Trigyn Technologies Ltd28.2028-0.18
Tulip Telecom Ltd0.0010.00
Twinstar Software Exports Ltd0.790.763.95
Tyche Industries Ltd113.00115.65-1.77
V & K Softech Ltd2.502.50.00
Vakrangee Softwares Ltd26.7026.31.14
Vintron Informatics Ltd0.500.50.00
Virinchi Technologies Ltd26.4026.75-1.31
VJIL Consulting Ltd33.1033.95-2.50
Wipro Ltd214.75212.551.04
Zenith Computers Ltd0.900.94-4.26
Zenith Infotech Ltd0.0010.00
Zensar Technologies Ltd90.6087.553.14
Zylog Systems Ltd0.670.7-4.29

Information Technology User Reviews

6. Rajeev  Jul 9, 2008 6:17:29 AM IST Reply
Company Name: Infosys Technologies Ltd
Amid global financial turmoil, most Indian IT companies led by Infosys and TCS are expected to post sequential revenue growth in 6-11% range due to a depreciating rupee in the first quarter of this fiscal. <br><br>In the rupee terms, the top lines of frontline tech stocks are projected to grow in the range of 6.5% to 11.1% sequentially in the first quarter. <br><br>The growth in the top lines is primarily driven by a volume growth of 1-2%, boosted 7% depreciation in the rupee against the US dollar during the quarter. In dollar terms, the sequential growth is expected to remain muted during the quarter, brokerage firm Sharekhan said in a recent report. <br><br>Rupee has been sliding against the dollar since the start of April and at present has an exchange rate of about 43. <br><br>Sharekhan in its research note said the average exchange rate of Rs 42.8 against the dollar is also above the assumption of Rs 40 made by the domestic companies (Infosys assumed Rs 40.02 per dollar and Satyam Computer Services Rs 40 a dollar). <br><br>As of June 30, Rupee stood at 42.84 against the greenback compared to 39.9 on March 31. On a quarterly basis, the rupee has depreciated nearly 4.5%. <br><br>Such a high depreciation in the quarter is likely to have a positive impact on the margins of the companies, Sharekhan added. <br><br>
5. Review  Nov 5, 2008 6:04:44 AM IST Reply
Company Name: Infosys Technologies Ltd
IT Q2 FY09 Review: ‘Few surprises’<br>The Q2 FY09 performance of our universe of eight companies was largely in line with our overall modest expectations. The dollar revenue growth was dejecting (partly impacted by cross currency movements) but disparate across companies. Strong and stable pricing came as a positive surprise. Revenue growth in BFSI vertical and amongst large clients continued to be sluggish. A strong operating margin performance was the key highlight of the quarter while the growth in net profit was driven by the trend in forex losses. Acknowledging a waning revenue visibility, Infosys and Satyam preferred to cut annual outlook sharply and hence made it more achievable. The actual performances did not lead to any material changes in our estimates as we had already cut FY10 earnings of coverage companies significantly before the results s eason. We continue to remain cautious on the sector with a relative positive bias towards Tech M, TCS and Infotech.
4. sujay sengupta  Apr 17, 2010 3:44:43 PM IST Reply
Company Name: Comp U Learn Tech India Ltd
What is the trend of this stock?<br>it is good for 1-2 year
3. sujay sengupta  Apr 17, 2010 3:48:40 PM IST Reply
Company Name: Edserv Softsystems Ltd
What is the trend of this stock?<br>it is good for 1-2 year
2. mukesh  Jul 22, 2011 12:40:13 AM IST Reply
Company Name: Satyam Computer Services Ltd
tell me one month target . i have purchased 1872 at average prise - 85 rupees .
1. Niveza India  Apr 6, 2016 11:46:42 AM IST Reply
Company Name:
Below are the stocks that are in focus today:<br>Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd: Shares of Talwalkars Better Value Fitness surged nearly 5 per cent in the early trade on Wednesday after it informed BSE regarding the launch of 33 Zorba – renaissance studios in 25 cities in the span of 60 days.<br>

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