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Chemical & Petrochemical Sector - Indian Market 2019

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List of companies in Chemical & Petrochemical Sector

CompanyLTPPrev Close% Change
Aarti Industries Ltd1,757.251726.551.78
Adinath Bio-Labs Ltd0.230.224.55
Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Ltd221.102210.05
Advance Petrochemicals Ltd38.9540.95-4.88
Aegis Logistics Ltd222.40227.75-2.35
Ahmedabad Gases Ltd0.420.44-4.55
Akzo Nobel India Limited 1,800.001800.25-0.01
Alang Industrial Gases Ltd0.0010.00
Albright & Wilson Chemicals India Ltd0.0010.00
Alkali Metals Ltd42.8041.82.39
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd811.008070.51
Amines & Plasticizers Ltd34.7035-0.86
Amit Alcohol & Carbon Dioxide Ltd (Merged)17.0017.35-4.61
Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd55.7056.65-1.50
Arvind Chemicals Ltd12.7712.770.00
Ashok Alco Chem Ltd43.4042.951.05
Asian Paints Ltd1,412.651427.15-1.02
Asian Petroproducts & Exports Ltd2.852.850.00
Aster Silicates Ltd1.341.41-4.96
Avon Organics Ltd2.482.6-4.62
AVT Natural Products Ltd25.1526.05-3.26
Balaji Amines Ltd383.00389.85-0.80
BASF India Ltd1,357.001390.9-2.29
Benzo Petro International Ltd0.0010.00
Berger Paints India Ltd327.90329.85-0.59
Bhagawati Gases Ltd0.580.61-4.92
Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd66.5567.85-1.92
Bodal Chemicals Ltd106.50106.30.19
Bombay Oxygen Corporation Ltd18,969.3519967.7-5.00
Borax Morarji Ltd54.5054.75-0.46
Cals Refineries Ltd0.100.10.00
Camphor & Allied Products Ltd206.80202.052.35
Caprolactam Chemicals Ltd10.5010.40.96
Chembond Chemicals Ltd280.15290.55-1.96
Chemcel Bio-Tech Ltd0.0010.00
Chemcrown India Ltd9.8410.35-4.93
Chemfab Alkalis Ltd261.40276.35-5.41
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd0.0010.00
Citurgia Biochemicals Ltd0.0010.00
CJ Gelatine Products Ltd7.0070.00
Clariant Chemicals India Ltd306.00303.851.30
Cochin Minerals & Rutiles Ltd165.55168.8-1.21
Crazy Infotech Ltd0.190.190.00
Crestchem Ltd15.5015.50.00
Dai-Ichi Karkaria Ltd243.00241.10.50
Deepak Nitrite Ltd281.10281.45-0.12
Dhvanil Chemicals Ltd0.340.35-2.86
Diamines & Chemicals Ltd118.60120.45-1.41
Dujodwala Paper Chemicals Ltd0.0010.00
Dujodwala Products Ltd385.00391.8-1.30
Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd285.602725.00
Fineotex Chemical Limited36.2536.60.00
Finolex Industries Ltd500.00506.3-1.14
Fischer Chemic Ltd80.7585-5.00
Foseco India Ltd1,278.001290-0.63
Gagan Gases Ltd10.009.534.93
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd39.5040.75-4.05
Garware Polyester Ltd245.90250.1-1.68
Geecee Ventures Ltd114.90114-0.35
Godrej Industries Ltd464.25470.95-1.42
Gokul Refoils & Solvent Ltd14.9014.572.06
Grauer & Weil India Ltd54.3553.451.68
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd525.00534.7-1.81
Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd18.8519.8-4.80
Gulshan Chemfill Ltd3.183.054.26
Gulshan Sugars & Chemicals Ltd0.0010.00
Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd22.8023.95-4.59
Hikal Ltd165.55164.250.79
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd22.2023-3.48
HK Finechem Ltd542.10538.150.73
IG Petrochemicals Ltd268.00268.50.54
India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd93.2098.2-4.79
India Glycols Ltd241.15243.9-1.13
Indo Amines Ltd79.0079.050.32
Indo Borax & Chemicals Ltd385.25390-1.18
INEOS ABS (India) Ltd480.30481.15-0.18
Insilco Ltd16.8017.75-5.35
Jayshree Chemicals Ltd6.706.56-2.44
Jocil Ltd0.0010.00
Jubilant Organosys Ltd473.95477.9-1.34
Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd58.4560.45-3.31
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd450.10462.8-2.74
KELTECH Energies Ltd697.00722.55-3.27
Kesar Petroproducts Ltd7.497.59-2.24
Kilburn Chemicals Ltd29.7528.44.75
Kothari Engineers Ltd19.5019.20.52
Laffans Petrochemicals Ltd14.5014.8-2.03
Lime Chemicals Ltd32.9529.611.32
Link Pharma Chem Ltd13.2514.7-9.86
Lords Chemicals Ltd0.0010.00
Maharashtra Polybutenes Ltd0.400.42-4.76
Manali Petrochemical Ltd23.2523.95-2.71
Mapro Industries Ltd439.80439.20.14
Master Chemicals Ltd0.0010.00
Murli Industries Ltd1.331.39-4.32
Mysore Petro Chemicals Ltd61.0562-1.53
Narmada Gelatines Ltd150.00147.651.93
National Oxygen Ltd39.0038.750.65
National Peroxide Ltd2,231.552209.251.01
Nikhil Adhesives Ltd157.00160-1.88
Nilchem Industries Ltd95.5594.61.00
Nitta Gelatin India Ltd109.50114.1-4.03
Noble Explochem Ltd4.904.792.30
NOCIL Ltd121.35122.1-0.61
Omkar Speciality Chemicals Limited8.198.41-4.28
Panama Petrochem Ltd102.95101.11.83
Pearl Engineering Polymers Ltd0.0010.00
Pentokey Organy India Ltd12.0112.64-4.98
Phillips Carbon Black Ltd130.05131.6-1.18
Pidilite Industries Ltd1,237.001249.85-0.51
Polychem Ltd284.10292.1-2.74
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd244.00238.42.08
Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd4.134.130.00
Premier Explosives Ltd198.05206.25-3.98
Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd81.0080.3-0.12
Raj Agro Mills Ltd12.2012.123.55
Rama Petrochemicals Ltd8.498.490.00
Refex Refrigerants Ltd75.0579-5.00
Refnol Resins & Chemicals Ltd24.6525.7-3.31
Rock Hard Petrochemical Industries Ltd0.0010.00
Sampada Chemicals Ltd0.0010.00
Sarang Chemicals Ltd0.0010.00
Savita Oil Technologies Ltd1,214.701237.55-1.83
Shreyas Intermediates Ltd3.013.16-4.75
Shri Chlochem Ltd8.508.93-4.37
South Asian Petrochem Ltd0.0010.00
Southern Gas Ltd0.0010.00
Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals Ltd33.6034.2-1.46
Sree Rayalaseema Hi Strength Hypo Ltd130.00134.85-3.41
SRHHL Industries Ltd0.0010.00
Sriman Organic Chem Industries Ltd429.95433.6-0.70
Standard Surfactants Ltd13.8514.2-2.46
Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Ltd238.00234.41.56
Sunitee Chemicals Ltd0.200.20.00
Sunshield Chemicals Ltd164.50165-0.06
Supreme Petrochem Ltd200.30201.25-0.47
TANFAC Industries Ltd164.15163.850.21
Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd80.3082.45-2.12
Transpek Industry Ltd1,501.001509.75-0.58
Tulasee Bio Ethanol Ltd12.2512.35-0.81
Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd3.153.31-4.83
Uflex Ltd244.20245.70.85
Unimers India Ltd5.675.96-4.87
Vibros Organics Ltd0.0010.00
Vinyl Chemicals India Ltd70.2070.10.64
Vipul Dye Chem Ltd152.55160.55-4.98
Vivid Chemicals Ltd28.0029.3-5.46

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