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Suspended Companies - NSE/BSE

Suspension refer to the practice of removing the stock of a company from trading so that investors can no longer trade shares of the stock on that exchange. Some companies suspended because of insolvency concerns, regain quotation but most fall by the wayside. They are eventually delisted and end up in liquidation or are recapitalised with little, if any, residual value left for shareholders. Suspension typically occurs when a company breaks a listing rules, In the event of a compulsory acquisition following a takeover bid or If an entity fails to lodge certain documents or If it fails to pay annual listing fees.

Suspensions give notice to current and potential investors that there are serious concerns about a company. A suspension may prevent potential investors from being victimized by a fraud. To get your money back, you will need to consider taking legal action on your own.

If you find that any company is suspended but not covered by us, please email and we will start to monitor it.

BSE Code Company Reason
523080 AEC India Ltd Suspended
503675 Agarwal Holdings Ltd Suspended
519536 Agri Marine Exports Ltd Suspended
521048 Ahmedabad Advance Mills Ltd Suspended
526735 Ahmedabad Gases Ltd Suspended
530749 Ahura Welding Electrode Manufacturing Ltd Suspended
511662 AJ Brothers Ltd Suspended
506615 Akai Asian Ltd Suspended
514476 Akai Impex Ltd Suspended
530135 Akanksha Finvest Ltd Suspended
500005 Akar Laminators Ltd Suspended
501413 Akash Agencies Ltd Suspended
531838 Akl Soft & Infosys India Ltd Suspended
524598 AksharChem India Ltd Suspended
517362 Alacrity Electronics Ltd Suspended
523738 Alacrity Housing Ltd Suspended
511403 Alagendran Finance Ltd Suspended
531517 Alang Industrial Gases Ltd Suspended
520133 Alang Marine Ltd Suspended
506230 Albright & Wilson Chemicals India Ltd Suspended
531409 Alchemist Corporation Ltd Suspended
501415 Alert Petrogas Ltd Suspended
507933 Alexcon Foamcast Ltd Suspended
531156 Alfavision Overseas India Ltd Suspended
531581 Alka Diamond Industries Ltd Suspended
511088 All Metal Process Industries Ltd Suspended
524538 Allied Resins & Chemicals Ltd Suspended
532327 Allsoft Corporation Ltd Suspended
506120 Alna Trading & Exports Ltd Suspended
531720 Alpha Graphic India Ltd Suspended

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