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Suspended Companies - NSE/BSE

Suspension refer to the practice of removing the stock of a company from trading so that investors can no longer trade shares of the stock on that exchange. Some companies suspended because of insolvency concerns, regain quotation but most fall by the wayside. They are eventually delisted and end up in liquidation or are recapitalised with little, if any, residual value left for shareholders. Suspension typically occurs when a company breaks a listing rules, In the event of a compulsory acquisition following a takeover bid or If an entity fails to lodge certain documents or If it fails to pay annual listing fees.

Suspensions give notice to current and potential investors that there are serious concerns about a company. A suspension may prevent potential investors from being victimized by a fraud. To get your money back, you will need to consider taking legal action on your own.

If you find that any company is suspended but not covered by us, please email and we will start to monitor it.

BSE Code Company Reason
524322 Kabra Drugs Ltd Suspended
524675 Kabsons Industries Ltd Suspended
530479 Kadvani Securities Ltd Suspended
531780 Kaiser Press Ltd Suspended
512147 Kajal Synthetics & Silk Mills Ltd Suspended
521054 Kakatiya Textiles Ltd Suspended
509034 Kalpavriksha Industries Ltd Suspended
502150 Kalyanpur Cements Ltd Suspended
531850 Kamal Overseas Ltd Suspended
530529 Kamala Tea Company Ltd Suspended
501314 Kamalakshi Finance Corpn Ltd Suspended
531001 Kamar Chemicals & Industries Ltd Suspended
531475 Kamper Concast Ltd Suspended
524604 Kamron Laboratories Ltd Suspended
530603 Kandhari Rubbers Ltd Suspended
500236 Kanel Oil & Export Industries Ltd Suspended
531214 Kanohar Electricals Ltd Suspended
530847 Kanoria Plaschem Ltd Suspended
531205 Kansal Fibres Ltd Suspended
504343 Kanumanek Trading Company Ltd Suspended
512399 Kapashi Commercial Ltd Suspended
506938 Kappac Pharma Ltd Suspended
530147 Kaprinas Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd Suspended
530277 Karan Finance Ltd Suspended
503830 Kareems Silk International Ltd Suspended
514294 Kareems Spun Silk Ltd Suspended
530481 Karnataka Financial Services Ltd Suspended
526451 Karnavati Alfa International Ltd Suspended
531113 Karnavati Spinners Ltd Suspended
531813 Kasat Paper & Pulp Ltd Suspended

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