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Bonus Shares - NSE/BSE

Bonus Issue is vesting free additional shares to existing sharelolders (stockholders in USA) in proportion to existing shareholding pattern.

Issue of Bonus shares increases the total number of shares issued and owned. Whenever a company announces a bonus issue, it also announces a Book Closure Date which is a date on which the company will temporarily close its books for fresh transfers of stock, and allot shares to stockholders on that date. A one-for-ten issue offers one bonus share for every ten held.

Constitutional documents of a company (bylaws) include bonus share issuance provisions. These include class of shares eligible for bonus issue (usually, common stock) and benchmarks like level of profitability, minimum net worth.

Bonus issue does not increase paid-up capital of issuing company. However, it does capitalize retained earnings / reserves into share capital account.

Regular bonus issues are a means of improving attractiveness of company to investors and bolster capitalization in return.

Company Name Ratio Record Date Ex Date Details
VA TECH WABAG 1:1 27/Mar/2015 26/Mar/2015 Details?
VAIBHAV GEMS 1:1 02/Dec/2002 28/Nov/2002 Details?
VAIBHAV GLOBAL 1:1 02/Dec/2002 28/Nov/2002 Details?
VAKRANGEE 1:1 13/Apr/2012 12/Apr/2012 Details?
VAKRANGEE SOFT. 1:1 13/Apr/2012 12/Apr/2012 Details?
VALECHA ENG. 1:2 03/Oct/2008 01/Oct/2008 Details?
VALSON INDS. 1:1 08/Dec/2009 07/Dec/2009 Details?
VALUEMART RETAIL 1:4 25/Jul/2011 13/Jul/2011 Details?
VARDHMAN HOLD. 2:1 12/Sep/1994 Details?
VARDHMAN TEXTILE 1:2 16/Sep/2005 15/Sep/2005 Details?
VASWANI INDS. 1:4 03/Oct/2011 29/Sep/2011 Details?
VATSA CORP 3:3 04/Sep/1995 21/Aug/1995 Details?
VATSA EDUCATIONS 14:1 30/Dec/1997 01/Dec/1997 Details?
VATSA MUSIC 7:1 31/Mar/1999 08/Mar/1999 Details?
VEDANTA 1:1 18/Aug/2008 08/Aug/2008 Details?
VEER ENERGY 1:2 31/Jul/2009 29/Jul/2009 Details?
VEGETABLE PRODUC 9:5 22/Feb/2016 18/Feb/2016 Details?
VENKY`S (INDIA) 1:3 25/Oct/2001 10/Oct/2001 Details?
VENLON ENT 8:10 03/Nov/2004 27/Oct/2004 Details?
VETO SWITCHGEARS 1:10 10/Sep/2013 06/Sep/2013 Details?
VHCL INDUST. 3:1 27/Mar/2015 26/Mar/2015 Details?
VHEL INDS. 3:4 05/Jan/1996 19/Dec/1995 Details?
VIJAY TEXTILES 2:1 26/Apr/2005 25/Apr/2005 Details?
VIKAS GLOBALONE 3:2 15/Nov/2014 13/Nov/2014 Details?
VINADITYA TRAD. 47:1 16/Oct/2015 15/Oct/2015 Details?
VINATI ORGANICS 1:2 23/Nov/2007 22/Nov/2007 Details?
VIPPY INDUSTRIES 1:2 02/Sep/1994 Details?
VIPUL LTD 1:1 22/Mar/2007 08/Mar/2007 Details?
VISAGAR FINAN. 1:1 05/Dec/2012 04/Dec/2012 Details?
VISAGAR POLYTEX 1:1 28/May/2011 26/May/2011 Details?

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