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Right Issues - NSE/BSE

A public company that wants to raise capital can opt for a Public Issue or a Rights Issue. Oftentimes they opt for latter, followed by former. In a rights issue, existing shareholders have the right to buy a specified number of new shares of the firm at a specified price within a specified time. Usually this price is below market price. The idea is to reward existing shareholders with an investment opportunity, which is perceived to be attractive.

Long-term investors can purchase additional shares in right issue at lower than current market price and hold the stocks.

From short-term investment prospective, one can sell the rights entitlement.

Alternatively, the rights may be allowed to lapse.

If a company is not in growth phase, rights issue tends to lower earnings per share and dividend yield. In such a scenario, offering rights (or public issue, for that matter) may not be a prudent course of action.

Company Name Premium Ratio Book Closures Date Ex Right Date Details
A K S CREDITS 0 23/Jan/1996 02/Jan/1996 Details?
AAREY DRUGS 15 20/Jan/2012 19/Jan/2012 Details?
AASTHA BROADCAS. 0 21/Jun/1996 27/May/1996 Details?
ABC BEARINGS 0 07/Jul/1999 14/Jun/1999 Details?
ABIRAMI FIN. 0 02/Nov/1996 Details?
ACC 45 07/Jun/1999 17/May/1999 Details?
ADANI ENTERP. 474 25/Mar/2010 23/Mar/2010 Details?
ADITYA BIR. NUV. 783 08/Dec/2006 01/Dec/2006 Details?
ADITYA BIR.CHEM. 0 29/Jan/2003 20/Jan/2003 Details?
AGNITE EDUC. 13 05/Jan/2004 30/Dec/2003 Details?
AGRO DUTCH INDS. 0 19/Nov/1996 29/Oct/1996 Details?
AGRO TECH FOODS. 55 26/Sep/1995 28/Aug/1995 Details?
AIRCOMMAND INDIA 6 02/Feb/1996 10/Jan/1996 Details?
AJMERA REALTY 10 14/Sep/2005 06/Sep/2005 Details?
AKAI ASIAN 30 15/Feb/1996 10/Jan/1996 Details?
ALANG MARINE 26 04/Nov/1995 23/Oct/1995 Details?
ALBERT DAVID 10 03/Feb/1996 Details?
ALEMBIC 210 18/Dec/2003 10/Dec/2003 Details?
ALERT PETROGAS 0 07/Mar/1996 05/Feb/1996 Details?
ALOK INDS. 1 25/Mar/2009 18/Mar/2009 Details?
ALTOS INDIA 80 14/Jul/1995 19/Jun/1995 Details?
AMBUJA ZINC 10 20/Sep/1995 28/Aug/1995 Details?
AMFORGE INDS. 0 27/Mar/1996 18/Mar/1996 Details?
AMRUT INDS. 20 01/Dec/1995 13/Nov/1995 Details?
ANJANI PORTL 18/May/2016 17/May/2016 Details?
ANJANI PORTLAND 0 16/Feb/1995 13/Jan/1995 Details?
ANTARCTICA 0 12/Sep/2000 25/Aug/2000 Details?
ANUH PHARMA 0 16/Sep/1999 23/Aug/1999 Details?
AP PAPER 85 29/Jun/2005 22/Jun/2005 Details?
APAR INDS. 5 03/May/1995 03/Apr/1995 Details?

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