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UCO Bank is engaged in Banks business. Company is listed on both NSE and BSE. NSE symbol for UCO Bank is 'UCOBANK' and BSE code for UCO Bank is '532505'.

About Company

UCO Bank Limited is an Indian commercial bank. The Company also operates in two international financial centers, Hong Kong and Singapore. It has approximately 2000 service units spread all over India. It undertakes foreign exchange business in more than 50 centers in India. The Company also has foreign exchange dealing operations at four centers. It caters to the segments of economy, such as agriculture, industry, trade & commerce, service sector and infrastructure sector. The Company has a countrywide network of more than 2000 service units, which includes specialized and computerized branches in India and overseas.

UCO Bank Stock Quotes and Charts

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UCO Bank User Reviews

7. Madan V  Mar 8, 2008 2:58:24 AM IST Reply

UCO Bank was quoting at an alltime high of Rs 88 during 1st week of Jan 2008. <br>UCO Bank is currently available at a price of Rs 39.50 which is 55% discount to its alltime high just 2 months back. <br>UCO bank is fundamentally an excellent scrip.<br>The bank is planning to restructure its equity by reducing the capital base.The bank has more than 1780 branches and has a networth of Rs 2211.24 crores and enterprise value of Rs 62821.97 crores.<br>The face value of the scrip is Rs 10 and the book value of UCO bank is approx. Rs 30.<br>The margin of safety is very high in the scrip.<br>One can make a investment decision in the scrip purely with a long term view.

6. Kartick bhoumick  Mar 17, 2010 4:47:13 PM IST Reply

Is it good buy Uco Bank now

5. mukur sharma  Apr 29, 2010 5:02:50 PM IST Reply

please about uco bank share,<br><br>I Purchase 15th share @ 37.00 <br>

4. vipin  May 4, 2010 6:17:35 PM IST Reply

hi... jst wait for some month u get a near about 40% profit till wait end of september.. or u can sell it in june last week also

3. Sarvesh  Jun 9, 2010 1:19:01 PM IST Reply

Hi,<br>I have bought uco bank future @ Rs 81.65 <br><br>Will it reach Rs85 before June expiry? It is trading around 80 now.

2. Sanjay  Jun 10, 2010 6:40:26 PM IST Reply

As per the market trand it can be reach up to the 90.Hope for the best and all the best.

1. AJAI NIGAM  Aug 25, 2011 4:26:53 PM IST Reply

please tell me about uco

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