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IKF Technologies Ltd BSE:532414 NSE:

IKF Technologies Ltd is engaged in Information Technology business. BSE code for IKF Technologies Ltd is '532414'.

About Company

IKF Technologies Ltd, was incorporated as IKF Ltd in February 2000 as a Public Limited Company. The company is engaged in the field of Bio Diesel, Telecom and IT software development and Business Process Outsource and application maintenance services linking e-business with core information systems for companies worldwide. Bio-fuel is used as replacement for diesel. Biodiesel offers safety benefits over petroleum diesel because it is much less combustible, with a flash point greater than 150*C, compared to 77*C for petroleum diesel. It is produced by cultivating and extracting of Jatropa. It is safe to handle, store, and transport. Its Bio-fuel plantation is located at Shillong in Meghalaya with branch office at Udaipur and regional office at Sikar in Rajasthan. The company has entered telecom sector by introducing calling card business which consists of two types of cards namely IKG Global Phone Card and IKF India Card. The office of Telecommunication division is located at Noida in UP and IT development division is located in Kolkata. The company has three wholly owned subsidiaries namely Abundance International(PTY) Ltd in South Africa, IKF Green Fuels Ptv Ltd in Mehgalaya and IKF Technolgies (PTY) Ltd in South Africa. Abundance International(PTY) Ltd deals with the foreign market in the ITES segment whereas IKF Green Fuels Ptv Ltd operates in bio-fuels.It has entered into Technological Transfer Agreement with Indian Oil Corporation (R&D) for offering technology transfer for production of bio-diesel from Jatropha. It provides its services to clients in U.S.A., Europe , Asia and Australia.

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IKF Technologies Ltd User Reviews

27. Sanjay  Dec 12, 2007 8:07:45 PM IST Reply

Updated on 08-OCT-07 <br>IKF Technologies signed joint venture (JV) agreements with two Thai companies, Kiwin and Kondanna Group (an associate of US-based Kondanna Energy and Petroleum). The contract is signed for jatropha plantations, in both Thailand and North East (for bio diesel)&&; and also for supply of fly ash from India. IKF created jatropha plantations in 30,000 acres in Jaintia Hills area of Meghalaya, along with inter-cropping in an additional area of 1,000 acres. IKF also has a presence in the Giridih area of Jharkhand. The company is looking at investment proposals in areas like jatropha plantation, jatropha-based bio diesel, tropical sugarbeet-based ethanol and hydel projects. <br><br>This script is on trigger and will touch 17 in next 2 weeks.

26. Raj  Dec 14, 2007 10:40:40 PM IST Reply

The company has statred Jatropha Farming on 30000 acres in Meghalya and have tied up with 2 Thai companies in the field of Bio fuel.<br>Till date no specific subsidies have been announced by the government in this sector. But the stock is moving up as Carbon credit trading is in the news and the company would be benefitted a lot if their claims are true.

25. Raj  Dec 15, 2007 10:01:08 PM IST Reply

there is a big tieup being announced with an UK company - for supply<br>of biodiesel his is the same UK company which is involved with<br>williamson<br>howver these are reports cannot be confirmed - hence the estimation is<br>the stock will move to 30 with UCs.

24. sunil  Jan 3, 2008 6:05:06 PM IST Reply

shall i hold or sell ?

23. Sanjay  Jan 4, 2008 9:00:10 AM IST Reply

Sunil,Aaj fir Circuit hai iss script per....Hold

22. Rahul  Jan 8, 2008 9:27:47 AM IST Reply

Trigger from last 15 session.....When to sell...

21. sunil  Jan 14, 2008 3:14:16 PM IST Reply

i have recd a recommedation from some sources to hold this script for a long term.....

20. pravin  Jan 23, 2008 7:14:59 PM IST Reply

what i do 4 IKF Technology, GV Film.........

19. Mit  Feb 3, 2008 10:09:41 AM IST Reply

Wait for real story growth for ikf tech it can be reflect in budget 2008 policy fevering this stock and there after atleast by april 2008 it will swing up again..

18. Ragu  Feb 3, 2008 5:55:00 PM IST Reply

i dont think so.its operator driven share and u cant belive on this share.

17. Mann  Jul 16, 2008 6:10:00 PM IST Reply

IKF Technologies net profit rises 64.29% in the June 2008 quarter <br>Sales rise 78.17% to Rs 15.18 crore <br>Net profit of IKF Technologies rose 64.29% to Rs 1.38 crore in the quarter ended June 2008 as against Rs 0.84 crore during the previous quarter ended June 2007. Sales rose 78.17% to Rs 15.18 crore in the quarter ended June 2008 as against Rs 8.52 crore during the previous quarter ended June 2007

16. atul  Jun 9, 2009 4:17:48 PM IST Reply

it will touch rs 100 in 2014

15. Viki  Jun 18, 2009 11:51:33 AM IST Reply

It will rise in future (it will touch around 150 - 175 in next 3 to 4 years)

14. gaurav  Feb 2, 2010 11:16:23 AM IST Reply

Its a gem as of now....<br><br>Sales have increased to 40 crores for the Quarter ended Dec 09 just see the results no other company is available at this price with a yoy turnover of wooping 200 crores.....with a presence in too many countries(Dubai,South Africa,&&&& more.<br>It can go up to Rs 20 in short term and 1 year target is definately above 200 so buy it as much as u can as in this Feb 10 budget Govt will give more emphasis to the Biuo Diesel Companies and Ikf Green Fuel Ltd Subsidiary of Ikf Tech will be the major beneficiary.....<br><br>Buy Before Budget 2010.

13. Sanjay raval  Apr 25, 2010 11:52:27 AM IST Reply

I have 5000 share ikf . What i du hold this script ?

12. tilak choudhary  Apr 27, 2010 3:05:26 AM IST Reply

Seems to be fraud company? Results are shown good. Bussiness model shown good. but no movement?

11. Jagrit Sachdeva  Jun 30, 2010 3:27:07 PM IST Reply

You and your partner open up a business with Rs. 50 each. 1 month later, the second partner (who also happens to be running this business for you) wants to have another partner with equal contribution. You obviously have to agree because he is the one who`s making these decisions and you have no say in it. After sometime the second partner adds another partner with even more contribution. Then another partner, then another partner and this continues till you are left with practically very little stake in the company because now the capital of the company is Rs. 1,000 as opposed to measly Rs. 50 that you had initially set apart. The result? Company gets lots more capital and the second partner has a lot more money in his hands to play with. Does not matter if he is not ACTUALLY going to own the company, as long as he keeps getting money every other year or may be more frequently. The faster the better. This is exactly what is happening in IKF. <br><br>I have been watching and holding IKF since 2004 and have every reason to believe that I am one of the oldest shareholders of the company. Whoever says that IKF is going to be a multi bagger is either ignorant or is from the company itself because such statements help them raise more money. Please read on to know more about my experiences:<br><br>September 2004 was when I bought IKF for the first time. I was very confident of the company`s performance and the same leading to good appreciation in the share price, but I have given up all hopes now as I am ONE HUNDRED percent confident that the promoters are bloody crooks and they just want to keep raising money every 12 months and fill up their own pockets. <br><br>Last time round, they managed to raise about Rs. 112 odd crores through allocating shares to Bank of New York. Let me ask you guys who say its going to be a great story, a simple question. What is there in the company for the promoters to lose? A ridiculous 7 percent stake? I have seen the stake of the promoters go down from 16 odd percent in 2006 to less than 8 percent currently and they are back with fresh fund raising plans and want to raise Rs. 500 crores this time. <br><br>THE REAL PROMOTERS OF IKF ARE NOT THE ONES WHO HAVE THE DESIGNATIONS AND WHO ARE RUNNING THE COMPANY. THE REAL PROMOTERS OF IKF ARE US, THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN DAY TO DAY AFFAIRS OF THE COMPANY. Check the link below for proof:<br><br>www dot bseindia dot com/shareholding/shpPromoters_60.asp?scripcd=532414&qtrid=65&CompName=IKF%20TECHNOLOGIES%20LTD.&QtrName=March%202010<br><br>After being able to raise money this time, the promoters stake will further drop to below 2 percent. They have nothing to lose even if the company breaks down. <br><br>The company last declared a dividend of 5 paisa in 2007 and there has been no dividend after that despite the fact that the company makes profits year after year. It seems that this growth saga will continue at least for the next 8-10 decades and till such time there will be no pay off to the investors. Who would want to invest in such a company? Would you?<br><br>Kind regards,<br><br>Jagrit Sachdeva.

10. Zephyrine Goveas  Jul 23, 2010 11:38:25 AM IST Reply

I am inclined to agree with Jagrit Sachdeva (17) that this company is fraud. I made the mistake of investing in this company based on the advice of friends instead of looking at the financials at Rs.11/-. The friend told me the stock price had touched Rs.20/-. Most of the holding is public, so the company is running solely on public money and what are the regulators doing? Its bio diesel is for names sake, nothing is going to happen from bio diesel. If the sensex and nifty have more than doubled since the March 08 lows, there is hardly any appreciation here. What is the point in selling at this rate, I may even forget that palty amount

9. sunil pathak  Aug 3, 2010 10:06:34 PM IST Reply

may god save me for this ikf

8. RaghavD.N  Aug 6, 2010 8:29:38 PM IST Reply

I am optimistic in IKF.This script will rise high shortly.

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